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Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

June 29, 2010


Even though I’ve had some extracurricular activities lately that were diverting, and a very good and promising date with the Republican, a big piece of my heart is still with Lieu. The distractions have helped–and I hate to quantify them as merely distractions, because my Republican dates were genuinely good by any standard, and I […]

Eating crow

June 27, 2010


Over the years I have strongly counseled friends of mine not to give succor to the enemy by dating Republicans.  Yes, this actually is how partisan I am, particularly around presidential elections.  I also refused to enter the state of Ohio–where I was born and where my family lives–for two years after they went red […]

Why Guys Strike Out on Craigslist Personals

June 25, 2010


Guys, this is why you may be striking out on CL (All over this) Some of us are here looking for love. Some of us are here looking for sex. Some of us are here looking for a simple date, a way to pass the time in this swamp full of transients. Many would take […]

How to Break Every Single Rule of Internet Dating at Once

June 24, 2010


(Or, a story about tomorrow’s date.  Let’s just say I hope my next post is titled “And Live to Tell the Tale”.) To even begin, you have to have given up all dating inhibitions ages and ages ago.  Let’s face it, it’s a numbers game and the numbers are against us.  If you’re lucky, you […]

Mojo Rising

June 23, 2010


I have a lot of mojo. (As an aside, isn’t it annoying when people use childish nonsense words to refer to anything associated with sexuality?  Like mojo for sex drive or hoo-ha for vagina?  I hate that.) (As an aside, I had a minor hoo-ha operation the other day but don’t worry!  It was routine […]

Home again home again

June 21, 2010


I conquered Polynesia and lived to tell the tale. It was a great family vacation.  I had the kind of time with this side of the family that I used to have all the time with the other side.  It felt comfortable, and good, and like the beginning of something better.  I’ve always been uneasy […]

Wedding weekend two

June 13, 2010


I am at a fabulous wedding in Hawaii. I am staying in a fabulous house with fabulous people I love. I had a pretty promising date the day before I left. I know I’m a lucky girl. Yet right now I’m hiding out in the back with a glass of wine and a stolen cigarette, […]