Mojo Rising

Posted on June 23, 2010


I have a lot of mojo.

(As an aside, isn’t it annoying when people use childish nonsense words to refer to anything associated with sexuality?  Like mojo for sex drive or hoo-ha for vagina?  I hate that.)

(As an aside, I had a minor hoo-ha operation the other day but don’t worry!  It was routine and I’m fine.  Just a little biopsy action.  No need to bring soup, though flowers are always nice.)

Anyway, my mojo.  I have a lot of it, and I’m attached to it.  It’s important to me.  I use my mojo to achieve something else I really like, les petits morts.  (That’s not a childish way to say orgasm, it’s French, and therefore classy.)  I like orgasms.  Mine in particular, though I’m sure yours are lovely, too.

So now we know I have a lot of mojo, and that I like orgasms.  These are hardly objectionable facts.  We also know, or faithful readers do, that I have recurrent major depression, for which I take SSRIs.  One bad side effect of SSRIs that they put in the small print is that they can steal your mojo.  Or in my case, they don’t steal the mojo so much as they kill the petits morts.  Deader than they already were.  Deader than they can hope to be.  Much more dead than this tortured metaphor, even.

Having no petits morts–and I mean no petits morts whatsoever, under any circumstances, however tried and true those circumstances have always been–is perhaps even worse than having no mojo.  If I had no mojo I would not care that I had no petits morts.  I probably would only want to cuddle.  Now, I like cuddling, but I like little deaths even more.  So today I switched anti-depressants.  It’s scary, because except for this one small yet vastly unacceptable side effect the drugs I’ve been taking are a silver bullet.  Changing the game could mean a return of the noonday demons or other, worse (?) side effects.  But it’s worth a try because what good is a happy girl who can’t die a little bit in the arms of a happy boy, or even in the safe pink embrace of a chittery bunny (NSFW)?  Theoretically.