Eating crow

Posted on June 27, 2010


Over the years I have strongly counseled friends of mine not to give succor to the enemy by dating Republicans.  Yes, this actually is how partisan I am, particularly around presidential elections.  I also refused to enter the state of Ohio–where I was born and where my family lives–for two years after they went red in 2004 on the coattails of a bigoted anti-gay marriage initiative.

So, about that good date I had before I went to Hawaii.  I thought he might swing a little conservative, what with the military career and all, but I finally Googled him and…holy shit.  I’m dating a neocon.  A bloggy one at that.  I just always assume that smart, articulate, educated people who live in DC are liberal.  How could they not be?  I know this is wrong, I know it’s small-minded of me, but…holy shit.

We had another really excellent date last night.  I hope we don’t ever run out of things to talk about and have to delve into politics because…ugh.  I wonder if and when and how I’ll come out as a raging liberal leftist who donated to Obama and wept frequently at his speeches?  Who thinks socialized healthcare sounds swell, and that the gays should rule us all so we’d all stop clashing so much, with the colors?  Who’s actually not so hot on the Second Amendment?

This dating stuff is hard, y’all.  Did I mention how cute he is?

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