I Read Craigslist So You Don’t Have To, Part 2

Posted on September 16, 2010


Why are women so submissive? – 36

Date: 2010-09-16, 9:28AM EDT
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I need a gal that’s the opposite of what today’s women seem to be..
a true woman in the mold of the Amazons

not so much talking about s&m/domme type stuff
but just a woman that wont always just obey me

maybe a dominant chic exists?
I doubt it though

Dear Bryan,
Today’s women really are submissive, especially here in Washington! And you’re obviously a student of history, to know that the Amazons weren’t just famed for their stature, but for running the world’s first dungeons, where stressed-out chieftains from the surrounding villages gave them coconuts in payment for the privilege of being called useless little worms and licking the Amazons’ feet while wearing nipple clamps.  Not that you’re into that S&M stuff, obviously!  Anyone can see that!  You just want a tall, imposing woman to refuse you.  Who doesn’t, LOL!
I feel like I know you, so I think I can help.  Go to your local bar.  Walk up to a tall, statuesque woman with fiery eyes, maybe one drinking brown liquor.  Ask her if you can buy her a drink.  I bet you anything she will sneer and say no. BAM! Wish fulfilled.  I’d say you can thank me later, but I don’t want to talk to you, either.  BAM!  Another wish fulfiulled.

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