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IJMM Strike One, and Some Dating Tips for Men

November 30, 2010


The million dollar date has been had, and lo, it hath failed. As I said on Twitter: To recap, I didn’t like him but I’m kind of annoyed that he didn’t like me. I did wear a piece of arugula on my boob for part of the date, until he pointed it out, so maybe […]

Christmas Cards for Single People

November 27, 2010



Old Wounds and New Horizons

November 26, 2010


I had a great day with Lieu today, and that’s the problem.  All the time I spend with him is good for me because I love him; I get to be near him, and smell him, and hug him hello.  And in a way, I get to relax; I’m the quietest version of myself with […]


November 22, 2010


(via Crime and Federalism) I’ve talked a little bit here before about my experiences with crime–most notably here, where the story of The Pervertrater is told, and here, where I discuss the events surrounding the shooting.  What I haven’t talked much about is how I feeeeeel about crime, and how I feel is this: angry.  I used […]

Dating and Doubting

November 18, 2010


To recap, Lieu broke up with me, but subsequently received some bad news that caused me to suspend my plan to not see him again as long as he is refusing to put out.  Since then, we’ve been talking almost every day and seeing each other once a week or so.  Suddenly, he is all […]

The Examined Life: Tipsy Floribbean Edition

November 15, 2010


I’m sitting with my mom at a tiki bar overlooking the waves in Pompano Beach, Florida.  Sweet, cheap cigar smoke and round, leathery midwesterners eddy around us.  The air is humid and smells slightly of beer, and the music is too loud.  Everyone is white.   This is the combination that screams LEISURE to the […]

The Gift of Fear

November 10, 2010


Last week, my sister went for a hike up a mountain near Ojai, California.  She went by herself. Mind you, this is a very independent, 33-year-old woman who lives by herself in a rough area of a major city.  She walks her dog there, goes out to eat and walks herself home, etc.  She’s traveled […]