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Dating and Doubting

November 18, 2010


To recap, Lieu broke up with me, but subsequently received some bad news that caused me to suspend my plan to not see him again as long as he is refusing to put out.  Since then, we’ve been talking almost every day and seeing each other once a week or so.  Suddenly, he is all […]

Scared Straight…er. Ish.

August 12, 2010


As I have said before, while I still get fooled once in a while, when I first started dating last fall I was dumb as a box of rocks, believing what people said and taking them at face value and other such unbelievably naive idiocy.  This is the story of how that changed. The Architect […]

I Read Craigslist So You Don’t Have To

August 8, 2010


That last post was a little bit…weepy.  I thought it might make me feel better to mock other people for a while, and catalog their imperfections instead of my own (I have my whole life to do that, and you should see my drafts folder!) (Thanks for all the comments and emails too, by the […]

Good People and Bad Dates

August 3, 2010


I knew I should not have gone on this date.  I knew it when we set it up last week, and I knew it with growing certainty all day today. But I believe that dating is a numbers game, and that people–myself included–don’t necessarily know what they actually do and don’t like in a partner. […]

Dating Update: Eating Cheetos and Xanax in My Pajamas Edition

July 30, 2010


Dropped off the face of the earth: 1.  The Republican To recap, we talked on the phone regularly for several weeks before meeting.  Had a couple of very good dates, despite his horrific politics, which is no small thing for me to overlook.  Then we made the beast with two backs, and he was suddenly overwhelmed with […]

Taking It to the Streets

July 13, 2010


Well, no cure for the dating blues like getting right back out there, I suppose.  Start tonguing those frogs again, hoping one morphs grotesquely into a prince before my eyes.  Or not grotesquely, preferably, but let’s be real.  That would be a disgusting process. Some people question my love of the Craigslist personals, and I […]

Dating Rules I Need to Remind Myself of Constantly, Part One

July 1, 2010


1. Don’t believe everything people say. Have I told you about the married guy yet? I met D. through Craigslist back in November. We talked a lot, went out a few times. I liked him, but I didn’t really like him like him. He was a little flaky, but they all are, more or less. […]