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Reasons American Civilization Will Fail, Part 1

September 19, 2010


1.  Cheese History A few years ago I made one of my regular trips to my happy place, Cheesetique.  It smells like either adolescent feet or your ideal Parisian courtyard in there, depending on your perspective.  After quite a bit of sampling (What do you have that’s ripe right now?) I was paying for my […]

The Bad Thing and Its Aftermath

September 2, 2010


This month, it’s been four years. The bad thing didn’t happen to me, but at the same time, it did.  It’s my story, but it isn’t my life that was ruined, and it doesn’t cast me in a particularly flattering light, yet something in me wants to tell what happened and what it felt like. […]

Narnia v. Ohio

August 22, 2010


I don’t talk about my job much here, both because blogging about your job is not very smart and because I know I’m damn lucky to have it.  It’s the best job anyone in my family has probably ever had, and while I do occasionally find myself crying in the bathroom from frustration, it’s not […]

A Brief History of Crime and Real Estate

July 20, 2010


When I moved to the District in 1993, it had recently won the honor of Murder Capital of the World, and my family and friends confidently predicted that I would die, quickly and painfully.  I played it cool, but I was a complete rube, a babe in the woods, and I suspected that they were […]

Home, Where My Music’s Playing

July 18, 2010


In the family I grew up in, I was the eldest of a passel of cousins, half of whom lived within walking distance of me. Together, we roamed the interior of our shared blocks, racing bikes down the alley and building forts in old ladies’ yards, begging popsicles and calling all the neighborhood dogs by […]

Dear Everyone on the 42 Bus

July 8, 2010


I hate you today. Usually you’re so pleasant, with your indoor voices on the phone and knowledge that talking to other passengers on the bus is Not Okay.  After all, what do we have to complain about in the morning?  We have nice bus drivers, and vehicles that arrive so frequently they’re often tumbling over […]

Geographic Cure

July 7, 2010


Lying in bed last night, sleepless again despite a purloined Sonata, I started fantasizing about different jobs. This is a sign of stress for sure; I’ve been both indulging in escapist fantasies and taking what I think of as flight naps, where I fall deeply and profoundly asleep purely to avoid the noise in my […]