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Things I Learned in Therapy (So Far)

January 15, 2011


1.  Mirroring For a while when things were at their worst, I attended group therapy sessions with a bunch of other depressed women.  It was just about as awful as it sounds.  I hated it, partly because sessions were held at an inconvenient time, partly because I am a control freak who prefers to lead […]

Dear Me: Review the Rules Edition

October 11, 2010


Dear C_girl, I am a 35-year-old single woman.  Until October of 2009, I hadn’t been on a date for over six years.  Now, I’ve been dating a guy for ten months.  He is recently divorced and pretty emotionally damaged from it.  I think I love him, but he treats me like I barely exist most […]

You Can’t Fire Me Because I Quit

September 29, 2010


My shrink is breaking up with me. It stings. I’ve had four shrinks in the last ten years.  I retained the first, an older woman named Mrs. Smith, when my mother divorced my stepfather and I was forced to realize that if she thought he was a dick, too, then all our suffering had been […]

Narnia v. Ohio

August 22, 2010


I don’t talk about my job much here, both because blogging about your job is not very smart and because I know I’m damn lucky to have it.  It’s the best job anyone in my family has probably ever had, and while I do occasionally find myself crying in the bathroom from frustration, it’s not […]

Dating Update: The Common Denominator

August 5, 2010


Right now the sky is dark and ominous, the air heavy and torpid, and if this were a novel I’d be using that as a device to let you know what my mood is like, but this is just another inane blog so I’ll be blunt: This is not a happy post.  I am not […]

Can’t MakeThis Stuff Up

July 30, 2010


My wedding gift bag included a bag of Cheetos. Am I psychic?

Geographic Cure

July 7, 2010


Lying in bed last night, sleepless again despite a purloined Sonata, I started fantasizing about different jobs. This is a sign of stress for sure; I’ve been both indulging in escapist fantasies and taking what I think of as flight naps, where I fall deeply and profoundly asleep purely to avoid the noise in my […]