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Wedding Weekend Three: Mini-Apple and the Big Chill

August 2, 2010


“You know what I hate?” I confide as we thread our way out of the pub, past throngs of boisterous Midwesterners perspiring and lawn bowling.  “People I don’t know.” “Me too!” he exclaims, thrusting an arm out to forge a path.  “And you know what I hate even more? Meeting new people.” “Oh my god, […]

Wedding weekend two

June 13, 2010


I am at a fabulous wedding in Hawaii. I am staying in a fabulous house with fabulous people I love. I had a pretty promising date the day before I left. I know I’m a lucky girl. Yet right now I’m hiding out in the back with a glass of wine and a stolen cigarette, […]

Wedding Weekend One

May 31, 2010


This summer I will attend five weddings, one a month from May to September. I have plenty of dresses and shoes and cunning little purses to carry me through–as well as travel survival kits, since they are scattered all over the country–though I sometimes wonder if I have the emotional wherewithal to survive the schedule. […]