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Even Though I Don’t Like Cheesesteak

November 7, 2010


Big news this week, besides the fact that I am dying of bronchitis, is that I’ve been accepted into an accelerated bachelor’s degree completion program in Philadelphia, starting in January.  I’ll still be living in DC, but commuting to Philly every Friday night and attending class from 8-5 on Saturdays.  A good friend of mine […]

Wedding Weekend 4: Tick-Tock Edition

September 28, 2010


I spent the weekend in the Pennsylvania countryside, toasting the wedding of a boy whose diapers I clearly remember changing. It was a family wedding, replete with in-laws and outlaws and people barely speaking to each other and new significant others who must be incorporated.   For all that, it was lovely, probably the nicest […]

The Bad Thing and Its Aftermath

September 2, 2010


This month, it’s been four years. The bad thing didn’t happen to me, but at the same time, it did.  It’s my story, but it isn’t my life that was ruined, and it doesn’t cast me in a particularly flattering light, yet something in me wants to tell what happened and what it felt like. […]

Narnia v. Ohio

August 22, 2010


I don’t talk about my job much here, both because blogging about your job is not very smart and because I know I’m damn lucky to have it.  It’s the best job anyone in my family has probably ever had, and while I do occasionally find myself crying in the bathroom from frustration, it’s not […]

Wedding Weekend Three: Mini-Apple and the Big Chill

August 2, 2010


“You know what I hate?” I confide as we thread our way out of the pub, past throngs of boisterous Midwesterners perspiring and lawn bowling.  “People I don’t know.” “Me too!” he exclaims, thrusting an arm out to forge a path.  “And you know what I hate even more? Meeting new people.” “Oh my god, […]

Home, Where My Music’s Playing

July 18, 2010


In the family I grew up in, I was the eldest of a passel of cousins, half of whom lived within walking distance of me. Together, we roamed the interior of our shared blocks, racing bikes down the alley and building forts in old ladies’ yards, begging popsicles and calling all the neighborhood dogs by […]

Yucca and Boogie Beans

July 6, 2010


Each year, my sister and I throw a Christmas bash at the house we used to share. The first year was a big success, with close to 70 people in our 1000 sq ft space. The second year I broke my ankle days before the party and spent the whole time sulking. The third year […]